Thursday, July 28, 2011

off on vacay!

My mom and I are off to Seattle earrrrly this morning for a little weekend getaway! This will be our last Mommy/Daughtie vacation before I get married next year, crazy! My mom's never been to Seattle and I havent been since I was 14 so I have no clue what we'll do or where we'll eat. I'm sure I will gain about 5 lbs. and loose more than that to shopping!

(mom and I in Portland last year on our annual vacation)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(doing what I do best: texting)

Getting to know me...
And yes, I realize I am basically talking to nobody as I type this but I am hoping I will pick up some followers soon!

  • My name is Elizabeth Ansley but I've gone by Libby since I was born
  • I was born 2/22 in Thousand Oaks, Ca
  • Bret and I got engaged on 2/22/2011, my 26th birthday!
  • We got engaged at Disneyland, one of my favorite places in the world. As he proposed I kept saying through my tears "are you for real? are you for real?" even though I knew it was very much real!
  • I am an only child and I've always hated it
  • I grew up with a wiener dog named Bitsy. She and my doll Blossom were my 2 best pals!
  • Now I have a chihuahua named Bella and Bret and I have a kitten named Maebel. When we have our own house I want to get a wiener dog and name her Minnie and a golden retriever and name him Max (but only cause Bret wont let me name our future possible son Max!)
  • I collected anything from pogs, to Trolls, to dolls, to beanie babies, to Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals, to thimbles when I was little. When I was like 16 I finally told my dad enough with the thimbles.
  • I played outside with the neighbors all day/everyday and loved it
  • My parents got divorced when I was 14
  • I went to 2 years of community college and ended up having a quarter life crisis and dropped out. I still have no clue what I want to be, besides a mommy.
  • My life goal has always basically been to get married and have kids. I know I will be an amazing mommy! Hopefully I will be a good wife too, although I cant really cook and sometimes I'm messy.
  • I lived with my high school English/Math teacher for almost 3 years
  • Laughing is my favorite thing to do. I have a very crude sense of humor and find many things hilarious. The raunchier the better. I am also a goofball!
  • I never take myself too seriously and I really don't like people who do. I wish many people would just get over themselves and get off their high horse. Live a little!
  • I care way..way..wayyyy too much what other people think and I have horrible body issues.
  • I like to use .....'s a lot and I like to type wayyyy too many letters sometimes. I basically type like I talk.
  • I read way too many blogs each day
  • I love shopping but I really only like to shop by myself. I spend WAY too much money on clothes and random items at Tar-jay.
  • I am not a fashionista. Sometimes I dress cute, other times I dress not so cute.
  • I have bad self control when it comes to buying things. If I see something that I want I buy it. If I see something on a blog somewhere that I pretend I need I search for it and try my hardest to buy it. I am always supposed to be on a budge but I'm not very good at sticking to it. Oops!
  • Bret and I met at work and we still work together. We began chatting on a work chat system that we have and that is where our relationship basically started.
  • I once told Bret "I would NEVER date you!!". I kinda lied.
  • I hate that my best friend lives in San Diego. I want her closer!
  • I always thought I was 5'8'' but the doctor recently told me on 2 occasions that I am 5'6 1/2''. Shorty!
  • I am obsessed with having my nails and toe nails painted. People who don't wear toe nail polish give me the heebie jeebies! All I see is sweaty, ugly pigs!
  • I try my hardest to be as healthy as I can but sometimes food gets the best of me.
  • I HATE working out. I know its good for me, I know I need to do it more but I'd rather gag.
  • I only like using baby spoons and baby forks (you know, the small ones in the set). The big ones are just too big!
  • I have a crush on my iphone
  • I could watch TV all day long if I could. Reality TV is my weakness.
  • I wish I could get married today and not have to wait a year! But we got the location we wanted and the date we wanted so I cannot complain!
  • I am going crazy not showing Bret my wedding dress! He is a creep and wont even let me give him any details!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dolly in Holly(wood)

About 3 weeks ago my mom called me and asked if I wanted to go see Dolly Parton with her at the Hollywood Bowl. I said no because a) I've never liked Dolly b) I know one song of her's: Jolene, and only because Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies covered the song and Bret has it burned onto a CD in his car. On the same cd that he listens to over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. My mom finally talked me into going with her and after our phone conversation I went straight to Target and conveniently used my moms credit card that I have in my wallet to buy several of her CD's. Confession: I actually ended up liking Dolly! She's fun, upbeat and some of the songs are pretty good!

So last Friday after work, my mom and I were off to the Hollywood Bowl! I had never been before so I was actually pretty excited to bring our own picnic/wine! We parked our car in Chatsworth and took a 30 minute bus ride. Definitly the best way to get to the Hollywood Bowl. You ditch the traffic on the 101, you ditch the crazy parking lot zoo and you miss all the crazy lines. Only $3.50 a person too, vs probably $20 to park at the Bowl.

(me and my mamacita on the bus)

We sat across from a....colorful character on the bus (who clearly had been a very naughty girl) and made me chuckle...and feel uncomfortable several times throughout the 30 minute trip.

(yes, i am one of those people who take pictures of strangers that I find amusing. my apologies in advance)

We got into the Bowl rather quickly, found our seats , walked around a little bit and took the following picture..aka my mom tried about 15 times to get a decent picture and finally succeeded..kinda.

We got back to our seats and dug into the picnic we brought. Caprese salad made by me, watermelon/feta/onion salad made by mom and some bread with vinagar and olive oil. All that with some delish Heliotrope pinot grigio, in honor of Romona.

(I actually did see my mom do a sober rendition of her own Turtle Time later on in the night but she would kill me if I posted those pics. Wouldn't you, mother?)

As soon as the sun went down, Dolly in all her glory came out and was honestly amazing! She sounded great, looked amazing (minus the mullet wig) and was really funny. She made fun of herself the whole night and didn't stop talking about her big boobs or her big hair. She played for about 2 1/2 hours and played so many instruments that I lost count.

(this picture is for Emily. Dolly strumming her harpsichord with her long red nails)
(if I could bedazzle the piano at my mom's house I swear I'd take up piano lessons again!)

The Hollywood Bowl was super nice and fun (and we even spotted Vince Vaughn! Bummed we didn't see Kristin Chenoweth who was also there) and a few days after Dolly we decided to book tickets to go see Hairspray in August, cant wait!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here I go first blog post. I've wanted to start a blog for a long time now but I have always been way too shy and scared to actually do it. I still am, really, but here I go! 15 facts/pictures/things about me and my life:

1. Who are you: I am Libby!

2. Age: 26 years old

3. Where you live: I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, Ca and I now live with my fiance Bret in Moorpark, Ca.

4. Story behind your blogs name: My blog name came from the old commercial "When you say Libby Libby Libby on the label label label, you will like it like it like it on the table table table". I never saw the commercials but almost every time I meet somebody over the age of 50 they always sing this commercial to me and ask me if I know what they're talking about

5. Your first love: Bret Bernard Bays. He was and is my first love and I would have it no other way! I knew I loved him about a two months into our relationship and I knew I wanted to marry him the first time I saw him playing with his niece and nephew. He treated them like his own kids and he melted my heart! He is caring, loving, helpful, funny and pretty handsome too! He lets me be 100% myself and that means the world to me. I can have just woken up, looking awful and singing some ridiculous song and he will be right next to me dancing to my melody.

6. Your parents: Bartscht Family photo circa 1993 and no, my parents are not married anymore (just incase you were curious and couldn't tell). and yes, this picture will be in the Awkward Family Photo 2012 Calendar!

7. Favorite Movie: Beaches!

8. A place you've traveled to: I have traveled to Springfield, Illinois several times a year since I was a little girl. My family is from there and 3 years ago my dad moved back to Springfield after being in California for over 25 years.

9. Your best friend: I have two of the most wonderful best friends ever! Emily has been my best friend since first grade (..actually, i hated her until about fifth grade but our parents made us have play dates before that and I really did not like her! I may or may not have boiled some water when she asked for a drink and I may or may not have told her at a sleepover that we had no pillows for her to use as I laid there like a princess with 2 fluffy pillows!). Emily is hilarious and whenever we are together we laugh the whole entire time. I trust her with anything and confide in her all the time. She lives in San Diego now but I hope that after she takes the bar she will move back to Thousand Oaks so I can see her more often! Wendy is my other best friend and she is truly the most wonderful woman I know. She is caring, loving and supporting and is such a good mommy to her kids. I hope I can be just like her when I grow up :)

10. Favorite tv shows: Real Housewives of anything, How I Met Your Mother and really anything that is trashy and/or reality.

11. Something you look forward to: My wedding day (8.10.12) and becoming a mommy!

12. Something you miss: I miss lunch time in High School. Every day we'd all pile in a car and drive over to Emily's house for some Di Sarro Sandwiches. For some reason Di Sarro Sandwiches always tasted so good and I can still picture the bread we'd use, the mayo, and the assembly line of fixings out on the counter! Another memory I miss is when I worked at Coach. I worked with about 10-15 other girls and we were always so close and got along so well. We'd spend 40 hours a week laughing, screwing around (oops..) and making jokes. I love my Coachies!

13. Your dream wedding: me + bret + our friends and family + tons of flowers + everybody laughing + tons of pictures being taken + a pretty dress (that I recently bought!) + cocktails flowing + memories to last a life time = perfection!

14. People that make you happy: Ryan, Alice and Liam. I have been Ryans babysitter since he was 7 months old and now he is 7 1/2 years old! He is the little love of my life and I always tell him he was my first baby, even if I didnt actually give birth to him. He is hilarious and makes me laugh all the time. He says I can kiss him on the lips and call him Baby until he is Brets age (aka 25 years old. Ry is obsessed with Bret!). Alice and Liam are Brets niece and nephew and I am sooo lucky to have them. They are adorable and I am beyond blessed to have been able to know them since they were 1 and 3!


15. Your job: I work at Maxon Computer in Newbury Park. We produce a 3D program called Cinema 4D and I am the training coordinator + a mixture of other things. Bret and I work together and that is how we met! I also watch Ryan 2x a week and babysit for another family (and have for 5 years now) 1x a week.

(we'll see if I ever post again!)