Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend recap


We really didnt do too much at all this weekend which was very very nice. Friday we BBQ'd some chicken and then I met 2 girl friends for a little wine date! Saturday we did nothing. Like really..we hardly did a thing. Made some breakfast, watched some TV, I did my photography class (with B's help!) and we watched Heavyweights. Sunday was Bret's dads birthday so we drove down to Ventura and celebrated with him and the family. Of course the niece and the nephew were as cute as ever and we actually found out that Bret's other brother and sister in law are expecting their first baby! I shrieked when we found out and said "I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!" We dont see them too often but hopefully the future little Bays will change that :)

(pics: a little play date at Target, my strawberries were soo bitter so I added a little truvia to it in hopes it would sweeten up, Maeby helped me with the laundry ;), I was on my phone when all of a sudden THAT popped up. I was soo confused what it meant about "hot guys waiting" for me and after a little investigation I realized the kids I babysit for dl'd some girly app!, Bret played a little leg guitar and our sweet little nephew Liam!)

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  1. I actually love days of doing nothing. I always feel bad afterward for not being productive, but sometimes it's the best medicine to relax!

    The cat in the dryer kills me. I love cats!