Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap


This weekend was busy but nice. On Friday we met up with our friends for sushi. I dont usually like sushi cause I alllllways feel sick after. But for a full week now I have given up gluten and am feeling SO much better (in general..I almost always feel sick which is no fun). I brought my own g-free soy sauce, ordered some yummy healthy rolls and surprisingly felt completely fine after!

Saturday I had the little girls from 9-7. We saw Dolphin Tale which was actually pretty good! Then I went to Bev Mo and picked up some gluten free beer (ehhh..) and met Bret at a rugby party. Rugby parties are always fun and we're so lucky to have them all as friends. It isnt very common for a huge group of guys + their girlfriends/wives to all be kind and friendly but every single person in this group is!

Sunday I got "a hair" as I like to call it. The hair was that I wanted to paint even though I never have painted before! Bret loves to paint so he helped me on one of the paintings and several hours they were finished and looked pretty good! We then made our weekly pizza but this time we made gluten free pizza dough aka never again. Blech!! I also decorated the apartment for Halloween and I love how the purple and orange patio lights light up the balcony now :) Maebel also found herself a new toy..any guess what it is?!

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