Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Episode 6


  • I didn't assume Lisa could cook..I just figured she always had chef's and ate at her restaurants!
  • I looove me some potato salad!
  • Taylor and Dana have awfully cute aprons on
  • Why is everybody freaking out about the C*O*C*K word?! I seriously don't find cock offensive but maybe thats just me
  • Ooo I've always wanted to go to Milk! Their treats look so delish there and every time I drive by I regret not going in
  • Dana totally set herself up with the whole "He goes away and I have no clue what he does"...she was asking for somebody to say something like he is cheating!
  • This game party seems beyond awkward
  • Kim has some major issues.
  • Why does Kyle go to the bathroom with Kim every single time and why do they keep adjusting her makeup?!
  • Kim and Kyle are being mean girls and acting sooo nasty!
  • It almost seems like Kim is going through an alcohol withdrawal
  • The table that Lisa set for her dinner was beyond gorgeous..I absolutely love it!
  • Very cute how they announced they were engaged..I got goosebumps!
  • Dana is beyond drunk.
  • She wins as one of the most obnoxious ladies on this TV franchise
  • Seriously, I cant stand Dana. Why is she being soo rude to Brandi in her own home?! Isnt she supposed to be welcoming??
  • I would not want to mess with Brandi. She looks like real business, haha
  • When Kim and Kyle got up and pointed their fingers (see pic above) I laughed out loud

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