Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 5

  • This new Dana woman is increibldy obnoxious
  • I wish I had a personal chef to make me and my friends lunch
  • Heck, I wish I could go on lunch dates in general!
  • That salmon with avocado and mango looks absolutly amazing!
  • I agree with's definitly not good to just stay together for the kids..not good at all
  • Kim showing her housekeeper all the pics of her kids was beyond weird. I doubt the lady cares!
  • Did Gigi really just do a "wee wee" in a restaurant chair???
  • I loved Kyle's expression "two tuned Tilly"...I always use "big as a whale" but this one is much better!
  • I love Kyle's coral satin shirt!
  • I agree that Taylors friends really DO need to step in.
  • There is almost nothing better than having a BBQ with drinks by the pool. I love it!
  • Portia's yellow ruffled bathing suit is the cutest thing ever
  • Bragging rich people make me sick
  • $25k on a stupid pair of ugly sunglasses?! I dont even have $25k!
  • I really cant stand this Dana lady
  • Taylor said she ate a hot dog AND a hamburger? I would bet $25k that she did not eat either. I know the sneaky sneaky ways of people with eating disorders all too well
  • Why are they all so shocked that Brandi said cock?! If they all heard my mouth they would fall out of their chairs!

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