Monday, October 31, 2011

New York- part 2

I was going to share more pics but I realized they werent all too interesting, so I leave you with 1 little pic...


Me and Bret in Central Park

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New York-part 1

Alright, here are a few pics from our trip to New York last week! I got in on Wednesday night. I went up to Bret's hotel room, got ready and met the boys from work downstairs. We had a delicious dinner at Marseilles and then decided to randomly go bowling. The next day I accidentally slept in til 1:30! I got ready, toured Times Square (a bore) and then met the boys for dinner. We then went to our work's party we were hosting at Spin NYC (owned by Susan Sarandon!). We had some drinks, played some ping pong with a handful of our users/demo artists and then at the end of the night Bret and I went off on our own to a little corner bar for one last beer. As we drank our beer it started to pour rain and while running back to our hotel room we missed a bit of the rain by ducking into a 99cent pizza place for a little bit to eat before bed :)




On Friday Bret was done working so he and I were on our own. We slept in, took about a billion subways throughout the whole day (god bless my iphone Itrans NYC app!)! We went to Serendipity for some frrrozen hot chocolate, went to Dylans Candy Bar, went to Ground Zero (aka you couldnt see anything and it was no different from when we went last year, boo), had some more yummy pizza, and we waited in line for the Shake Shake for over an hour and it was 100% worth it. Soo delish and Bret said he thought it was even yummier than In n Out!


(fried portabello mushroom stuffed with gruyere cheese.....ah-mazing)

On Friday night we went to Brooklyn to stay with my friend Mallory and her boyfriend Zach. We stayed there 2 nights in their awesome apartment and on Saturday they played tour guide for us and walked us around Brooklyn and Manhattan.



(street hot dogs for lunch!)

Sunday rolled around and our flight wasnt until 5pm. We slowly got ready and Bret and I decided to make one last trip to Manhattan for another round of Shake Shack..yes, it is THAT good. We took a few subways, came back to Brooklyn to say goodbye and headed off to the airport. Got back to LA at 9pm and quickly got home so we could see our sweet baby kitty that we missed SO much!


Monday, October 17, 2011

New York City--2010

Since I havent started to upload any pics from New York yet, I thought I'd share a few pics from our trip to NYC last year! We went at exactly the same dates as we did this year but last year it was freezing cold and this year it was in the high 70's! We had a blast both years and I'm definitely paying for it today..I am exhausted!

Times Square (a few blocks from our hotel)

NYC pretzel! Talk about a bad hair dye job!!

Statue of Liberty..seeing that and Ellis Island were 2 of my favorite things that we did during that week

Carrie Bradshaw's "apartment"!

We met my friend Mallory in Brooklyn for Grimaldi's pizza. Grimaldis is supposedly the best pizza in the NYC area but we really werent impressed!

Tomorrow I'll be sure to post some pics from this year!

Thursday, October 13, 2011



I left early early early Wednesday morning to meet up with Bret in New York City! He is here for a trade show and I am here to eat, drink and be merry :) No set plans yet but I'm sure we'll have a blast! Anybody have any reccomendations?!

Be back Monday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Episode 6


  • I didn't assume Lisa could cook..I just figured she always had chef's and ate at her restaurants!
  • I looove me some potato salad!
  • Taylor and Dana have awfully cute aprons on
  • Why is everybody freaking out about the C*O*C*K word?! I seriously don't find cock offensive but maybe thats just me
  • Ooo I've always wanted to go to Milk! Their treats look so delish there and every time I drive by I regret not going in
  • Dana totally set herself up with the whole "He goes away and I have no clue what he does"...she was asking for somebody to say something like he is cheating!
  • This game party seems beyond awkward
  • Kim has some major issues.
  • Why does Kyle go to the bathroom with Kim every single time and why do they keep adjusting her makeup?!
  • Kim and Kyle are being mean girls and acting sooo nasty!
  • It almost seems like Kim is going through an alcohol withdrawal
  • The table that Lisa set for her dinner was beyond gorgeous..I absolutely love it!
  • Very cute how they announced they were engaged..I got goosebumps!
  • Dana is beyond drunk.
  • She wins as one of the most obnoxious ladies on this TV franchise
  • Seriously, I cant stand Dana. Why is she being soo rude to Brandi in her own home?! Isnt she supposed to be welcoming??
  • I would not want to mess with Brandi. She looks like real business, haha
  • When Kim and Kyle got up and pointed their fingers (see pic above) I laughed out loud

other episodes: here

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend recap


We really didnt do too much at all this weekend which was very very nice. Friday we BBQ'd some chicken and then I met 2 girl friends for a little wine date! Saturday we did nothing. Like really..we hardly did a thing. Made some breakfast, watched some TV, I did my photography class (with B's help!) and we watched Heavyweights. Sunday was Bret's dads birthday so we drove down to Ventura and celebrated with him and the family. Of course the niece and the nephew were as cute as ever and we actually found out that Bret's other brother and sister in law are expecting their first baby! I shrieked when we found out and said "I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!" We dont see them too often but hopefully the future little Bays will change that :)

(pics: a little play date at Target, my strawberries were soo bitter so I added a little truvia to it in hopes it would sweeten up, Maeby helped me with the laundry ;), I was on my phone when all of a sudden THAT popped up. I was soo confused what it meant about "hot guys waiting" for me and after a little investigation I realized the kids I babysit for dl'd some girly app!, Bret played a little leg guitar and our sweet little nephew Liam!)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 5

  • This new Dana woman is increibldy obnoxious
  • I wish I had a personal chef to make me and my friends lunch
  • Heck, I wish I could go on lunch dates in general!
  • That salmon with avocado and mango looks absolutly amazing!
  • I agree with's definitly not good to just stay together for the kids..not good at all
  • Kim showing her housekeeper all the pics of her kids was beyond weird. I doubt the lady cares!
  • Did Gigi really just do a "wee wee" in a restaurant chair???
  • I loved Kyle's expression "two tuned Tilly"...I always use "big as a whale" but this one is much better!
  • I love Kyle's coral satin shirt!
  • I agree that Taylors friends really DO need to step in.
  • There is almost nothing better than having a BBQ with drinks by the pool. I love it!
  • Portia's yellow ruffled bathing suit is the cutest thing ever
  • Bragging rich people make me sick
  • $25k on a stupid pair of ugly sunglasses?! I dont even have $25k!
  • I really cant stand this Dana lady
  • Taylor said she ate a hot dog AND a hamburger? I would bet $25k that she did not eat either. I know the sneaky sneaky ways of people with eating disorders all too well
  • Why are they all so shocked that Brandi said cock?! If they all heard my mouth they would fall out of their chairs!

Other Episodes: here

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap


This weekend was busy but nice. On Friday we met up with our friends for sushi. I dont usually like sushi cause I alllllways feel sick after. But for a full week now I have given up gluten and am feeling SO much better (in general..I almost always feel sick which is no fun). I brought my own g-free soy sauce, ordered some yummy healthy rolls and surprisingly felt completely fine after!

Saturday I had the little girls from 9-7. We saw Dolphin Tale which was actually pretty good! Then I went to Bev Mo and picked up some gluten free beer (ehhh..) and met Bret at a rugby party. Rugby parties are always fun and we're so lucky to have them all as friends. It isnt very common for a huge group of guys + their girlfriends/wives to all be kind and friendly but every single person in this group is!

Sunday I got "a hair" as I like to call it. The hair was that I wanted to paint even though I never have painted before! Bret loves to paint so he helped me on one of the paintings and several hours they were finished and looked pretty good! We then made our weekly pizza but this time we made gluten free pizza dough aka never again. Blech!! I also decorated the apartment for Halloween and I love how the purple and orange patio lights light up the balcony now :) Maebel also found herself a new toy..any guess what it is?!