Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend recap


This weekend was pretty low key. Friday I, as always, picked my little man up from school and was greeted with a big cupcake kiss (tasty, but my fav kind of kiss is a french fry kiss!) and then met Bret at the craft store so we could do some engagement picture crafts. Engagement picture crafts aka just a tiny dose of what my life will be like in 6-7 months, aka crafts out the wazoo! After we were done with everything my back was aching and I was exhausted! On Saturday I babysat the little girls all day and night long. We did a mall trip, a library trip and a frozen yogurt trip where my eyes lit up when I saw Maple Bacon Donut flavored fro yo! Delish! Sunday we made egg cups (post coming soon!) for breakfast, lounged around for a bit and then cleaned the apartment. I have come to believe that a 1 bedroom 700 square feet apartment is really not big enough for 2 people...esp for 2 people who a) like things, b)will be receiving lots of things off a special list in less than a year. No clue where we'll fit everything!!

(pictures: Maeby has now learned how to get on the kitchen counter, aka gross. My cupcake boy, my new engagement ring..who needs diamonds?! , delish fro yo, wedding crafts, a fish from the huge fish tank at the library and our new favorite breakfast: egg cups!)


  1. I agree, you needs diamonds when you have sugar. :)

    and I'm not sure about the frozen yogurt... sounds a little iffy to me.

  2. yes, maple bacon donut fro yo!! amazing!