Friday, September 2, 2011

TGIF! How to: homemade calzone

Every Sunday night Bret and I make homemade pizzas together. It's become a nice way to end the weekend and it guarantee's us being able to spend some time together with out any distractions. I am the queen of dieting but the way we make our pizza really isnt too awful or unhealthy!

We walk to Fresh and Easy and purchase the essentials: tomato basil marinara, olives, whole wheat dough, low fat mozarella cheese and some pepperoni for bret (and sometimes me if I decide to steak some). We make 2 separate mini pizzas, turn a Netflix disc on and enjoy our creations.

A few weeks ago I found this recipe and knew within 1 second of seeing the pictures that Bret would go crazy for it. So last Sunday I surprised him with a delicious calzone and it turned out great!

How to:


(not pictured: flour your clean kitchen counter and roll the dough out as big as you can in the shape of a square)

#1: place the rolled out dough onto a large baking tray
#2: apply sauce in a square shape, don't get too close to the edges!


#3: cut slits about 1'' apart from each other. We cut somewhat into the sauce and that seemed to work best
#4: apply the cheese + the toppings of your choice. If it was up to me, this calzone would be covered in mushrooms and onions but a certain somebody *coughBretcough* hates both!


#5: lightly tug at each strip and pull them across the pizza at a slant. Alternate sides, from left to right (or r to l, whatever works!) and criss cross each strip so that it looks like the above picture.
#6: once you're done criss crossing, roll the sides up and then roll the top up so it looks like crust.


#7: optional: sprinkle more cheese on top. I personally didn't think this added any flavor, only extra calories, so if we make this again (which we will!) I wouldn't add extra cheese on my 1/4.
#8: bake for about 25-30 minutes at 450 until the cheese looks ooey gooey and the dough looks like its browning. we always take our pizza out at about 25 mintues and cut into it and see if the dough is done. Most of hte time it isnt ready and we put it back in for another 2-3 mins

#9: let pizza cool for a few mins, cut and enjoy! we eat our pizzas with some extra sauce on the side for dipping. ENJOY!!


  1. Yuuummmmm
    Bread and cheese are the death of me

  2. oh yum i'm going to try making this!