Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 2

So this episode was a little dull but I figured I'd still do a little recap!

  • oooh lord, Kyles eyebrows in that huge painting of her. Goodness gracious!!
  • What on earth is Kyle wearing to the airport?! A cowboy hat and a long fur coat..she looks like a fancy cattle herder!
  • Why do these women have such extravagant coats? They live in Southern California and let me tell you, it never, ever, ever gets cold enough for those kind of coats!
  • Why are they flying coach on Frontier? shouldn't they have a private plane?!
  • Kim was crazy on the plane and crazy in the limo. What 50 year old still gets hyper?! I hate to say it, but perhaps she had a pre flight cocktail?
  • 4 hours in a limo would give me a panic attack
  • I think it's weird that women stand up for their husbands even when they know they're wrong. It's a huge pet peeve of mine!
  • I dont get why there isn't a small airport in Beaver Creek that they could have flown into..isn't there one?
  • Ew, I do not want to know how Kelsey Grammer is "man scaped"..siiiick!
  • Camielles house is amazing. Sooo gorgeous!
  • Kim is a little bit too much for me this season. She needs to simmer down a bit!
  • I don't know whats worse..Kyles cowgirl hat or Lisa's cotton ball hat. Disastrous!
  • Skiing makes me so nervous!
  • Adrienne had only been skiing 1 time before this and she tore her ACL while doing so?! You couldn't pay me to go back on a ski slope after that!
  • Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies when you get down the mountain? That is probably the best thing I've ever seen!
  • The view from the jacuzzi is breath taking.
  • If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in the mountains!
  • I don't know how women stay in abusive relationships. It is so sad to me and breaks my heart. GET OUT!
  • It is awfully creepy that Taylor's face doesn't move one bit when she cries
  • Kyle asked why Taylor wanted her relationship to work so badly...I agree with Kyle..WHY?!
  • Poor Taylor is definitely a broken person. It is so sad to watch her break down like this :(

episode 1: here


  1. Haven't seen it yet but looking forward to it on my dvr.

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  2. Ahhh I am watching this episode as I type LOL!! Favorite season by far! So much it!

    Thank YOU so much for your sweet comments today! I am so excited to hear that you are starting on the ACV!! Keep me posted on how you feel and if you notice any changes after about a week :) XO