Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Episode 1

I am a huge reality tv show lover. The trashier the better! I love almost every Real Housewives cast (with the exception of Atlanta and Miami) but the Beverly Hills cast might just be my favorite.

Last night season 2 started! While I was so excited to watch Bret just rolled his eyes realizing that Monday night date night once again turns to Monday night Real Housewives night at 10pm. He denies he likes these shows but I often catch him looking up over his computer screen every so often watching the drama right along with me ;)

Now on to episode 1:


Last season I thought she was crazy and insane but last night she really wasn't bad at all... but then again it was only episode 1!


Poor, poor lady. I feel so sorry for what she is going through and I feel even more sorry for her poor baby and her ex husbands other 2 children. And despite what Ken said about therapy, I give her 1,000 kudo's for trying to work things out with her once upon a time husband. The man seemed very weird to me though and made me uncomfortable, I cant even imagine how he was in real life.



I liked her last year until I realized that she sure brings on a lot of drama. She is quite cocky and Kyle was right when she said the accent kinda adds to her snottiness. Last night she wasn't bad but her husband was obnoxious. His whole spiel about therapy was ridiculous and untrue and the fact that he let their nasty dog (I am not a fan of Giggy!) drink out of a $550 crystal glass is rude/disgusting/impolite! First of all, who would let their dog come up to somebody's table top and who would let it drink out of their china?! Never!



I actually really like Adrienne. Last year she was the only real mediator and she always stays calm but last night she was being crazy with her husband! Yes, her husband is annoying but she was so rude and condescending to him. I give them 1-2 years before they get divorced. Sad but true, I can just feel it. And she can only spend 2 hours at a time with her husband before she gets annoyed?! Bad sign... She also gives me the heebie jeebies when I look at her. Her face is pulled back soo tightly and her eyes look SO fake, eek! Her hair also always looks awful (except for 1 scene last night) and I don't get why she teases it so far out on the sides, haha. Also, $2,200 champagne for her guests?! And they went through multiple bottles of it too! That is beyond ridiculous!



She is by far my favorite housewife. She seems nice, she is funny and she isn't too dramatic. Last night it looked like she got her lips done, those puppies were huge! You'd think that from all the things people say about Taylor's ginormous lips she'd stay away from anything lip related, but I guess not! Watching her move from her ginormous house with 5 people worth of stuff was giving me anxiety! I cant even imagine doing that, blah!



She was hardly on last nights episode but when she was she was wearing a full on cowboy suit. Awful! Also, this girl is in desperate need of some lip color! I thought it all last season and she still had the pastiest corpse lips last night! I still think Kim is in a bad place in her life. She seems so unstable and shaky and it's kinda sad to watch. It will be interesting to see how Kim helps Taylor (her former frenemy) because back in the day, Kim's fiance was murdered for scandalous money problems/work problems, just like Taylor's husband was dealing with before he killed himself.

and FYI: Kim is from Westlake Village, not Beverly Hills. Westlake is 1 hour away from Beverly Hills and I have no clue why they pretend she is from BH! The people I babysit for live 1 street away from her house so I have secretly been known to make the kids drive by her house with me, haha.

I cant wait for the rest of the season!


  1. I enjoyed your rundown on the housewives! I watched last night and am interested to see how the season unfolds!