Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 4

  • I think it's great that Kyle is hosting a charity event for kids with cancer!
  • Kim is acting beyond bizarre while in the limo with Adrienne.
  • Somebody needs to be completely serious with Taylor about her not eating. It's clearly a real issue and Kyle keeps just laughing and making jokes about it. Maybe it's out of nervousness but she needs to take it seriously...even just purposely invite her over for lunch so that least she see's her eating!
  • Taylor has everybody in her life sign a confidentiality agreement?! Wow..
  • I cant believe that people are THAT angry about the King's possibly leaving. Heck, I didn't even know if the kings were basketball or hockey!
  • Why are so many people taking pictures with Adrienne and asking for her autograph..just because she is the owner?! It's not a housewives thing either cause they weren't asking Kim to do the same
  • Camielles body is amazing
  • I really cant stand when people wear their sunglasses inside. It is one of my biggest pet peeves!
  • I really couldn't stand Camielle last year but this year she really isn't so bad......yet.
  • I love how casually Kyle was like "Oh he is at Paris' house picking some perfume up" if going to Paris Hiltons house is a casual affair and everybody does it!
  • Lisa always has the prettiest fresh flowers!
  • Eek, Taylor looked so boney in that fundraiser night outfit!
  • I think Lisa is gorgeous! Catty and kinda full of herself, yes, but still beautiful!
  • How the heck tall is Brandi?! She looks ginormous!
  • Why would you wear huge platform sandals while on crutches?! Especially if the reason you broke your ankle is because you were wearing big heels....
  • Taylor was being all chummy and "come to my daughters birthday!!" and then 5 seconds later bad talking her and making fun of her...
  • I love the dress Faye is wearing! Its the perfect color for my bridesmaid dresses!
  • If Lisa doesn't like Brandi because of the association with Cedric, why is she standing there talking to her?
  • Geesh the girls were being bitchy towards Brandi!!

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