Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 3

  • Poor Taylor, she is being crazy!
  • Adriene's face is so damn tight and her eyes are SO pulled back! I really cant get over it. I also can never get over her hair!
  • Taylor is soooo skinny. She looks like she may break in 1/2
  • Lisa: your see through top is way inappropriate for your age
  • Why is Adriene telling Taylor she is having a nervous breakdown? She seems to be going crazy, yes, but why would you in front of everybody, while she is clearly drunk say "you're having a nervous breakdown!"
  • Taylor admits she never eats, well, it is very clear that she doesn't eat! Again, poor girl.
  • It broke my heart when Taylor hugged Camielle and said (regarding Kelsey cheating on her) "It could happen to my own child!"....well what DID happen to her own child was way worse..soo sad. Her poor baby girl and his poor other babies
  • Mauricio is hot!
  • What on earth is "heli skii'ing"?!
  •, thats what it is. No thanks!
  • The little outside bar that the men are drinking at eating at looks like my kind of place
  • It also broke my heart when Taylor said she doenst think she deserves better. With time she me.
  • I really dont udnerstand why Kim doesnt wear a better base/foundation! Her skin looks awful all the time and she needs it to be evened out and lightened up a bit
  • There is that rechid cowboy hat of Kyle's again!
  • I cant handle Adrienes 12 year old glitter strands in her hair
  • Camielles Malibu house looks amazing..well at least her backyard does. The lilly pads are so cute too
  • Someday I'd like to go to one of Lisa's restaurants
  • Adriene has a personal body guard?!
  • I'm not understanding what is "sooo dangerous" about them going to the game
  • Kim definitely did sound drunk OR crazy on the phone with Adriene and Paul

episode 1: here
episode 2: here


  1. umm, i absolutely love all of the real housewives. obsessed. but it's true for everything that you said. too funny!
    xo TJ

  2. Oh gosh! You are soooo hilarious! I have seen the Real Housewives...but based on your comments I'm totally tempted to watch!!!