Thursday, September 29, 2011



As I mentioned before (here) I had the little girls I babysit for from Wednesday-Sunday afternoon. It was exhausting but easy..especially easy since we went to a birthday party on Friday and Disneyland on Saturday! I love Disneyland soo much (we got engaged there!) and have had a season pass since about 10th grade so I am basically a Disney pro ;) I was worried that going on a Saturday would mean the park would be completely packed but it actually wasnt! We used my fast-pass skills and ended up going on a bunch of rides and we had a blast!

pickle and pineapple break!

waiting in line for The Little Mermaid. It was so cute!

Tower of Terror...clearly my mom didnt like this ride! It was the girls first time on it too and I was so nervous taking them on it but they begged! Luckily they liked it ;)

Woody's Round Up, one of my favorite rides in CA Adventure!

My mom and Ashley on The Matterhorn

Space Mountain...Taylor's face is priceless! We laughed at this all night long

Going with kids is so much fun! They are excited soo easily and have a blast no matter what you do!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sneak Peak: Engagement photos


We wont get our engagement pics back for another 2 weeks but I snapped this pic on my iphone after our photographer left and I thought I'd share(I used the free app called Gorillacam that has a self timer on it!). I hope the pictures turn out okay..I am still SO nervous about them! Neither of us had ever had our picture taken like this before so it was so awkward and uncomfortable, esp when she told us just to pose ourselves at times! We're definitely not the modeling type ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 4

  • I think it's great that Kyle is hosting a charity event for kids with cancer!
  • Kim is acting beyond bizarre while in the limo with Adrienne.
  • Somebody needs to be completely serious with Taylor about her not eating. It's clearly a real issue and Kyle keeps just laughing and making jokes about it. Maybe it's out of nervousness but she needs to take it seriously...even just purposely invite her over for lunch so that least she see's her eating!
  • Taylor has everybody in her life sign a confidentiality agreement?! Wow..
  • I cant believe that people are THAT angry about the King's possibly leaving. Heck, I didn't even know if the kings were basketball or hockey!
  • Why are so many people taking pictures with Adrienne and asking for her autograph..just because she is the owner?! It's not a housewives thing either cause they weren't asking Kim to do the same
  • Camielles body is amazing
  • I really cant stand when people wear their sunglasses inside. It is one of my biggest pet peeves!
  • I really couldn't stand Camielle last year but this year she really isn't so bad......yet.
  • I love how casually Kyle was like "Oh he is at Paris' house picking some perfume up" if going to Paris Hiltons house is a casual affair and everybody does it!
  • Lisa always has the prettiest fresh flowers!
  • Eek, Taylor looked so boney in that fundraiser night outfit!
  • I think Lisa is gorgeous! Catty and kinda full of herself, yes, but still beautiful!
  • How the heck tall is Brandi?! She looks ginormous!
  • Why would you wear huge platform sandals while on crutches?! Especially if the reason you broke your ankle is because you were wearing big heels....
  • Taylor was being all chummy and "come to my daughters birthday!!" and then 5 seconds later bad talking her and making fun of her...
  • I love the dress Faye is wearing! Its the perfect color for my bridesmaid dresses!
  • If Lisa doesn't like Brandi because of the association with Cedric, why is she standing there talking to her?
  • Geesh the girls were being bitchy towards Brandi!!

Episode 1: here
Episode 2: hereLinkEpisode 3: here

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend recap


This weekend drained me. I am currently sitting at work with my hair in a big sloppy bun and with no make up on. I wanted to sleep in, even if it meant only 20 extra mins of sleep and looking like a disaster, I didn't care! I had the girls I babysit for, from Wednesday afternoon til Sunday afternoon. Their parents took a trip to Las Vegas and left me in charge. Wake up was at 6am for school and on the weekends it was about not cool! We had a good week though, went to Disneyland, went to a local fair, got some pumpkin spice lattes and jamba juice oatmeal and went to a birthday party at a trampoline place (too bad i HATE trampolines)!

Today Bret and I are taking our engagement pics...7 months late, and I am soo anxious about it! I am not photogenic, I hate a lot about my physical appearance and I've never had my pics taken before. Guh! And poor handsome and as wonderful as I think he is, the poor guy was just not meant to wear dress clothes. My guy is BIG. Not fat, just BIG! Linebacker big. Dress shirts look ridiculous, pants never fit well and it's just all bad news. Last night at 5pm I said "you should probably try on your outfits so we can make sure they look okay.."...................well they looked awful. We then spent the next 2 hours at Kohls trying to find something decent that matched my outfits!

pics L --> R: Minnie Mouse nails, a new pet goldfish I won at the fair...I really wanted to win a turtle though : /, the new Ariel ride at DL aka so cute, a cute scarecrow at the fair, Maebel trying to help me decide what color to paint my nails for todays pics, a final contender at Kohls, and a sweet new mustache I grew ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Egg Cups


I for the most part eat really, really healthy. As I have said before, I am a dieting pro and know what to eat and what not to eat and everything inbetween.....but....I cant say no to bacon. I just love it! Bacon, eggs and toast is a perfect weekend breakfast to me so when I saw this recipe I knew i need to make it asap (and I also knew Bret would love me forever if I made this for him)!

Egg Cups:

-eggs (1 for each egg cup)
-bread (1 piece for each egg cup)
-bacon (1 slice for each egg cup)
-salt and pepper (to taste)
-lowfat cheese
-spray butter/butter


1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2) Spray a muffin tin with non stick spray
3) Take your bread and place it on a plate. Take any random cup you have and place it on top of the bread and make little cut out's

(should look like this)

4) Start lightly cooking your bacon on the stove. Just about 2-3 minutes will do.

5) Take your bread circles and spray them on both sides with spray butter (optional but I thought it made them taste way better).

6)Squish the bread into your muffin tins.

7) Take the slightly cooked bacon and wrap it in a circle around the bread (we once over cooked the bacon and it ended up coming apart in 3 pieces and it still tasted totally fine)

8) Put them in the oven for about 2-3 mins
9) Sprinkle some cheese inside the egg cup (optional..I really didn't taste the cheese at all so I don't know if it was worth the added calories)
10) Take out of the oven and begin separating your eggs yolks from the whites. Each egg cup gets 1 yolk.
11) Salt and pepper to your liking

12) Put back in the oven for about 8 minutes. Don't over cook the egg (like we did the 2nd time we made these) cause then it's not ooey gooey and not nearly as delish!

13) Let sit for a minute, take out and enjoy!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon...

So since everybody and their mother is doing this on their blogs I figured I'd go ahead and do the same!


A little bit about us....


ge: 26
Bed size: Queen but wishing for a King!
Chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom and the bathtub, eww! luckily bret does it for me ;)
Dogs: Bella Bruiser Bartscht Bays. An 8 year old chihuahua who is very "special"
Essential start of your day: taking a shower
Favorite color: light pink
Gold or silver: I love both! My engagement ring is silver though
Height: 5'7"
Instruments I play (or have played): played the piano and the tone flute in 4th grade, haha
Job title: Training/Sales Coordinator and nanny
Kids: I want at least 1 boy and 1 girl, and sooner, not later!
Live: California
Mom's name: Deborah
Nickname: Libby, Lib, Libster, Wibby, Dear
Overnight hospital stays: 0, knock on wood!!
Pet peeve: bad drivers, stupid people, people who take themselves too seriously
Quote from a movie: I could quote the whole entire movie Beaches but I will spare you ;)

Right or left handed: i'm right, Bret is left
Siblings: 0
Time you wake up: on a work day 7:04am
Underwear: yep!
Vegetables you dislike: none
What makes you run late: i dont know what it is, but for some reason I always get to work at about 9:02 or 9:04 and no matter how much earlier I wake up I still get there at this time!
X-rays you've had done: teeth, back, neck
Yummy food you make: brookies and egg coming soon!
Zoo animal: I think monkeys are one of my fav's


Age: 25
Bed size: Queen but wishing for a king
Chore you hate: cleaning the bath tub
Dogs: I have a step dog named Bella
Essential start of your day: taking a whiz or a shadoob if necessary
Favorite color: blue?
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 6'3''
Instruments I play (or have played): Guitar, Banjo, Base, Drums
Job title: Tier 2 Technical Support Rep, Freelance Character Animator and Rigger
Kids: at least 2
Live: California
Mom's name: Nancy
Nickname: Bays, Bernie, Bizzle, Dear,
Overnight hospital stays: I think none
Pet peeve: Spelling out Acronyms that clearly spell a word. example: Saying "Oh I was on A-I-M last night" instead of "Oh I was on aim last night". If it makes a word, say the word...
Quote from a movie: The Dude Abides

Right or left handed: lefty
Siblings: 3
Time you wake up: 8:15 on weekdays
Underwear: yeah
Vegetables you hate: All of them except Carrots. Olives, but I think those are a fruit
What makes you run late: traffic
X-rays you've had done: Teeth, Hand, Head, and Neck
Yummy food you make: I...don't really make food, but Libby makes good food. I can make good Tacos I guess...
Zoo animal: Otters

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 3

  • Poor Taylor, she is being crazy!
  • Adriene's face is so damn tight and her eyes are SO pulled back! I really cant get over it. I also can never get over her hair!
  • Taylor is soooo skinny. She looks like she may break in 1/2
  • Lisa: your see through top is way inappropriate for your age
  • Why is Adriene telling Taylor she is having a nervous breakdown? She seems to be going crazy, yes, but why would you in front of everybody, while she is clearly drunk say "you're having a nervous breakdown!"
  • Taylor admits she never eats, well, it is very clear that she doesn't eat! Again, poor girl.
  • It broke my heart when Taylor hugged Camielle and said (regarding Kelsey cheating on her) "It could happen to my own child!"....well what DID happen to her own child was way worse..soo sad. Her poor baby girl and his poor other babies
  • Mauricio is hot!
  • What on earth is "heli skii'ing"?!
  •, thats what it is. No thanks!
  • The little outside bar that the men are drinking at eating at looks like my kind of place
  • It also broke my heart when Taylor said she doenst think she deserves better. With time she me.
  • I really dont udnerstand why Kim doesnt wear a better base/foundation! Her skin looks awful all the time and she needs it to be evened out and lightened up a bit
  • There is that rechid cowboy hat of Kyle's again!
  • I cant handle Adrienes 12 year old glitter strands in her hair
  • Camielles Malibu house looks amazing..well at least her backyard does. The lilly pads are so cute too
  • Someday I'd like to go to one of Lisa's restaurants
  • Adriene has a personal body guard?!
  • I'm not understanding what is "sooo dangerous" about them going to the game
  • Kim definitely did sound drunk OR crazy on the phone with Adriene and Paul

episode 1: here
episode 2: here

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend recap


This weekend was pretty low key. Friday I, as always, picked my little man up from school and was greeted with a big cupcake kiss (tasty, but my fav kind of kiss is a french fry kiss!) and then met Bret at the craft store so we could do some engagement picture crafts. Engagement picture crafts aka just a tiny dose of what my life will be like in 6-7 months, aka crafts out the wazoo! After we were done with everything my back was aching and I was exhausted! On Saturday I babysat the little girls all day and night long. We did a mall trip, a library trip and a frozen yogurt trip where my eyes lit up when I saw Maple Bacon Donut flavored fro yo! Delish! Sunday we made egg cups (post coming soon!) for breakfast, lounged around for a bit and then cleaned the apartment. I have come to believe that a 1 bedroom 700 square feet apartment is really not big enough for 2 people...esp for 2 people who a) like things, b)will be receiving lots of things off a special list in less than a year. No clue where we'll fit everything!!

(pictures: Maeby has now learned how to get on the kitchen counter, aka gross. My cupcake boy, my new engagement ring..who needs diamonds?! , delish fro yo, wedding crafts, a fish from the huge fish tank at the library and our new favorite breakfast: egg cups!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some pictures

So the other day I mentioned that I am beginning a photography class on October 1. Since I was very little I've been obsessed with pictures. I can sit and look at my own pictures from events for hours and I can sit and stare at other peoples pictures too, even if I don't know whose in them. It's something about seeing how other people live their lives, what they looked like back in the day, how they lived their lives back then, and just stuff like that. I love it! My friends all get annoyed with me by how many pictures I make them smile for but in the end I'll be the one with all the memories ;) (actually, for Christmas last year I gave my 2 best friends picture books with pictures that I'd been developing for the last 4 years. They loved it..although I had to cover one of their ex's faces in some pics with stickers!)

Here are a few pictures of things I've taken from over the years. I found some of them in a livejournal photobucket account so they are really old (definitely not my best work and all taken with an old crappy camera), I still like them though!

Outside of my cousins wedding in Indiana in April 2007.

A traintrack in my moms home town Abingdon, Illinois.

The downtown in my moms hometown. It has turned to shambles and when she saw it it made her so sad

Many songs have been written about the 101 freeway and I'm lucky enough to drive on it every day!

While wine tasting in Paso Robles, California

A pretty flower in Springfield, Illinois

More pretty flowers in Springfield

A random dandelion in Springfield. Right after I took this picture my dad was like "WHY DO YOU KEEP TAKING PICTURES OF WEEDS?? I HATE DANDELIONS!"......little did he know, just a few weeks before I had gotten a tattoo on my side of a dandelion. oops!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday I came into work and saw a Post-It note on my keyboard that said "I <3 U---PS: Check yo email". Bret and I work together and live together so it's kinda hard to surprise each other, but somehow he managed to sneak this love note on my desk (I love when he leaves me notes)! I figured the email was something work related until I finally noticed an email with the subject "confirmation of payment: Nicoles Classes"* and my eyes welled up with tears. He had been sneaky sneaky and secretly purchased the Photo 101 class that I really, really wanted to take but don't currently have the budget for...damn medical bills! Photography has always been something I love doing and I have a pretty good eye for it too. Taking a class will make me that much more confident in my picture taking and that much better at what I'm doing. I really cant wait for the class to begin on October 1!

Since Bret was so wonderful and bought me this class, I decided to do a post on just a few of the reasons I love BBB:

#1: He was an awfully cute kid which means that we have a great chance of having awfully cute kids since I was an awfully cute little girl too ;)


#2: He is quite handsome! The first time I met him he was at a work Xmas party in 2006. He was working at Maxon and I was with the kids and brought them to their dads company Xmas party where we ended up meeting for the first time. I didn't see him again until 2008 when he had come back to work at Maxon (I had since started working there) but instantly remembered the handsome guy from the Christmas party! I may or may not have stalked his facebook page after that 2nd meeting and I thought he looked especially handsome in this picture! He hates this pic but it still makes me smile

#3: He isn't afraid to be silly. He dances while I sing, he makes funny jokes (although I am funnier) and he just basically matches my level of silliness, which is really silly. He also doesn't take himself seriously at all, which i LOVE!

(oh wait..we weren't trying to be silly here, we were just freezing cold at a rugby game! I love this pic though because 99.5% of other people would never be caught dead looking like we do here and we really don't give a hoot about it!)

#4: He loves to eat. He may not eat as well as I'd like him to (not nearly) but he loves to eat, and I love to eat so it works out. We've gone on date night every single Monday since we started dating and I hope that it's a tradition that we never ever loose!

#5: He is incredibly motivated. He graduated college with a double major and then went to animation school after that. He is such a hard worker and is very good at what he does. I love watching him animate, even if I have 0 clue what the heck he is doing.

#6: He puts up with me. I can be bossy (He says i'm a 4/10 on the bossy scale), I can be cranky and I can be whiny. This day in particular I was reallll bad. I tried snowboarding for the very first time and I absolutely hated it. I threw a 25 year old hissy fit and yet he still stayed by my side the whole entire time trying to help me. He has never once raised his voice to me and never once said anything mean to me and I couldn't love him enough because of those 2 things.

(I was bossy and made him wear those Engagement pins on the day we got engaged, even if he did not want to!)

#7: He gave me the cutest niece and nephew ever. I am an only child and always worried that my kids wouldn't have cousins around their age. Luckily, Bret stepped in and handed me these 2 kids (seen here) and I am madly in love with them. They love their Uncle Bret sooo much and have such a special bond with him and it just melts my heart. I know he will be an excellent daddy and I cant wait for our little Mackenzie and Bret **AHEM* BENJAMIN *AHEM* Bays.

#8: He asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! I kinda knew it might happen while we were at Disneyland on my 26th birthday but then it didnt. I got so bummed but then a few minutes later he 100% shocked me and got down on one knee. I cried like a baby! I cant wait to become Mrs. Libby Bays! I cant wait to be his wife and I cant wait to start a family with him. Only 331 days until our wedding, woo hoo!!!

So those are just 8 little reasons but there really are about 1,000 more. I love you dearly, dear!

* class taught by Nicole from A Little Sussy
** He wants to name our future son Bret Bernard Bays Jr........this gives me anxiety just thinking about it : /

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Episode 2

So this episode was a little dull but I figured I'd still do a little recap!

  • oooh lord, Kyles eyebrows in that huge painting of her. Goodness gracious!!
  • What on earth is Kyle wearing to the airport?! A cowboy hat and a long fur coat..she looks like a fancy cattle herder!
  • Why do these women have such extravagant coats? They live in Southern California and let me tell you, it never, ever, ever gets cold enough for those kind of coats!
  • Why are they flying coach on Frontier? shouldn't they have a private plane?!
  • Kim was crazy on the plane and crazy in the limo. What 50 year old still gets hyper?! I hate to say it, but perhaps she had a pre flight cocktail?
  • 4 hours in a limo would give me a panic attack
  • I think it's weird that women stand up for their husbands even when they know they're wrong. It's a huge pet peeve of mine!
  • I dont get why there isn't a small airport in Beaver Creek that they could have flown into..isn't there one?
  • Ew, I do not want to know how Kelsey Grammer is "man scaped"..siiiick!
  • Camielles house is amazing. Sooo gorgeous!
  • Kim is a little bit too much for me this season. She needs to simmer down a bit!
  • I don't know whats worse..Kyles cowgirl hat or Lisa's cotton ball hat. Disastrous!
  • Skiing makes me so nervous!
  • Adrienne had only been skiing 1 time before this and she tore her ACL while doing so?! You couldn't pay me to go back on a ski slope after that!
  • Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies when you get down the mountain? That is probably the best thing I've ever seen!
  • The view from the jacuzzi is breath taking.
  • If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in the mountains!
  • I don't know how women stay in abusive relationships. It is so sad to me and breaks my heart. GET OUT!
  • It is awfully creepy that Taylor's face doesn't move one bit when she cries
  • Kyle asked why Taylor wanted her relationship to work so badly...I agree with Kyle..WHY?!
  • Poor Taylor is definitely a broken person. It is so sad to watch her break down like this :(

episode 1: here

The Games

A few pics from Saturday's tournament...




(sometimes I really wonder about this game... ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011

San Luis Obispo

This weekend we drove 2 1/2 hours North up to one of my favorite towns, San Luis Obispo for a Rugby 7's tournament! SLO is a cute little college town with a great downtown and I spent many weekends up there in college because my best friend Emily went to Cal Poly.

We checked into our room at the Motel 6 (we are soo classy!), went downtown to eat at Firestones and came back so we could get a good nights sleep before the tournament on Saturday. Saturday we were at the field for over 8 hours and the guys played 6-8 games total and did pretty well! I love watching the games and love spending time with all the guys and all the other girlfriend/wives too. It's always such a blast and always crazy! Saturday night we all went on a pub crawl to all the bars downtown and ended the night eating pizza and dancing at The Library. Very fun!


(that bed spread got put on the floor about .39 seconds later...SICK!)




On Sunday (4 advils later...) we stopped by the Madonna Inn so Bret could finally see it and then headed home to go cuddle our sweet little kitty :)


(how amazing is that restaurant?! the whole hotel is equally as's seriously shocking)