Friday, August 5, 2011


I have a a nail polish addiction. I spend WAY too much money on new polish and I buy new polish WAY too often. Back in the day I used to mainly stick to OPI's Got the Blues for Red but I slowly came to the world of pinks and different shades of red a while back. You could look through my nail polish tubberware (yes, I say tubberware...I was like 21 when I found out the word was tuPPerware and I never intend to change the way I say it!) and you'll find like 7 bottles of the same hue of pink and like 7 more bottles in the same hue of red. I've tried black, i've tried grey, i've tried purple, i've tried turquoise but nothing suits me more than a good pink or red, or now maybe a coral too.

Last night at Target I told myself I would not go look at the nail polishes....but I couldnt keep myself away from the nail polish aisle. My 2 new purchases are: Sally Hansen- Disco Ball & OPI- Italian Love Affair.

Sally Hansen's Disco Ball looks a bit more rosey pink in real life (pardon my old lady looking hands!) and is very sparkly! I find that all glitter is kinda hard to apply though and it takes many coats to get the color/look that you want.

OPI's Italian Love Affair is the perfect shade of bubble gum pink and I think it will look perfect on finger nails too! Looking at the pic of my feet reminds me I need to go get a real mani/pedi asap, they need some TLC asap! Some lotion for now will have to do ;)


  1. Libby!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVEEEEE nail polish too and spend too much money on it! And I love that you have a chi too!

    But I really wanted to thank you for sharing your encouragement with me about going to school/not going to school. People always tell me don't do it! It was refreshing to here from someone who encouraged me to do what will make me happy!

    I love you! (and I promise not in a creepy way!)
    :) Thanks!

  2. Oh my gosh girl! Is that big thing your engagement ring?? It's beautiful!!

  3. Aw thank you!! I lucked out ;)