Monday, August 1, 2011

Seattle- Pikes Place and the Space Needle

Day 1:
(mama y yo on the airplane)

My mom and I flew out of LAX early Thursday morning and arrived at Downtown Seattle around 1pm. We checked into our hotel (the Four a great deal online!) and went straight to Pikes Place Market, which is basically a ginormous Farmers Market.

We roamed the aisles and checked out all the local produce, flowers and fish and my mom bought a little $4 bouquet of Sweet Pea's to bring back to our hotel room. The flowers were by far my favorite part of the market. They were soo beautiful and smelled amazing and most bouquets were around $6-10 which is pretty inexpensive for such large arrangements.

The fruit and veggies were all so fresh and dewy and perfectly picturesque! If I lived in Seattle I could see myself going to the Market weekly to stock up on local foods and buy myself a pretty bouquet of flowers too :)

The fish was...well, fishy! And kinda creepy considering I ate fresh wild king salmon 2 nights in a row for dinner : /

After walking around the Market we decided to go the the Space Needle because if you're in Seattle you should probably do one of the top tourist traps, right? Wrong. $18 each to get up to the top and the view was honestly nothing too special. In Chicago you can go up in the John Hancock Building for free and the view is a million times better. Oh well!

At least we got this totally awesome and totally NOT photo shopped picture out of our trip to the top!

Next: The (indulgent) food we ate in Seattle

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  1. Libby! Your blog is too great. I'm originally from WA and looking at this photos makes me so homesick! We're glad to have you at a dose of lovely!

    Isabel @