Monday, August 1, 2011

Seattle- The (indulgent) Food

When I'm on vacation I'm on vacation. No waking up early and working out in the gym, no waking up at 6am to explore and no "I'll have the fried chicken salad but with grilled chicken instead, no croutons and not that dressing, I'll have vinaigrette isntead but on the side". That said...we were pretty indulgent this vacation! Sure we ate some healthy meals too (and walked about 9 million miles!) but this post is all about the naughty and delish things we ate! Many of the places we went to eat came from blog's we both have read as well as Yelp, so thanks for the tips, blogging world!

The first day as we were walking around Pikes Market we stopped off at Beechers for some of their famous Mac and Cheese. I heard about it from Natalie (Mormon in Manhattan) and although I wasn't brave enough to try the strange looking cheese curds, my mom and I both enjoyed the mac and cheese we shared.

The next morning I woke up to my "early to bed, early to rise" mother coming into our hotel room with a greasy bag that smelled amazing. She had found the donut shop (Daily Dozen) in Pikes that we had looked for and couldn't find the night before. I saw this place on a TV show a while back and it's supposed to rival Voo Doo Donuts in Portland (I wasnt a huge fan of Voo Doo so this place didn't have much competition).
(The donuts were tiny, hot and perfectly sweet..basically amazing)

After I got ready we headed out and walked a bit of a distance to Portage Bay. Liz aka From Portland to Peonies had mentioned this place a few months back and when I looked up the Yelp reviews and saw all the amazing pictures of the French Toast I HAD to go! They have a whole section on their menu under "Toppings Bar"and when you purchase one of those items you get a trip up to the bar. It had tons of colorful fresh fruit to choose from along with homemade whipped cream. Heaven!

(my Challah bread french toast after my trip to the Toppings Bar)

For dinner that night we walked down 103 steep stairs and ate at Elliots Oyster House which was right along the Puget Sound. My dad had been here many years back and told me I had to try the "Alder Planked Salmon". He said the way they prepared the salmon, on a plank, was amazing and since I love salmon I gave it a try. It was honestly the best salmon I have EVER had in my life! A bunch of people on Yelp also recommended the crab/oyster dip so we gave that a try and it was delish as well. Luckily we still had 103 stairs to walk back up to get to our hotel room so I felt a little better about indulging in that dip ;)

For breakfast the next day we ate at The Crumpet Shop, a place that my mom had read about in one of her travel magazines. It was minutes from our hotel room and right across from Pikes Place. We both got the Petso Egg crumpet with tomato, and although I was wary of this crumpet I ended up loving it. Fresh, light and tasty.

We then ended up going on a million mile walk to a place called Capitol Hill. The concierge in our hotel said it was cool, hip and had tons of little shops and boutiques. Not true and not really worth the treck BUT...we did get to have some of the famous caramel sea salt ice cream from Molly Moon's. I have recently become obsessed with caramel sea salt and this just added to my addiction. On our way back to our hotel we actually walked right past another Molly Moon's.....about 2 blocks away from our hotel, instead of a million miles away like the one we went to was. Oy vey!

For an early dinner that night we got a quick bite to eat at Mr. D's Greek. Again, right across from Pikes Market. Very yummy!

After walking another million or so miles we went back to our hotel and went to the pool to soak in (a little too much) sun. The sun in Seattle never set before 9:15pm! The view from the pool overlooked the Puget Sound and I felt like I was lounging in Hawaii...minus the palm tree's.

On our last day in Seattle we headed to Pike Place Chowder. They supposedly have the best clam chower in all of Seattle so we definitely had to try it out. They weren't was soo good! Creamy, thick, hot and perfect for a gloomy drizzly day. The weather all weekend had been perfect and hot but literally as soon as we sat down with our chowda it started to sprinkle.

Next Up: The scenes of Seattle


  1. this post is really fun! i've always wanted to visit seattle, and now i'll have to try that mac n cheese when i get there. :)

  2. mmm mmm! This is my kind of vacation:-) We are headed up to Seattle in two weeks for a little weekend get-away. Thanks for all of the foodie tips! xoxo

  3. ohhh my goodness. that food looks delicious! I'm glad you're enjoying Seattle:)

  4. OMG!! everything looks sooo good! I definitely need to go to Seattle now!

  5. Even though we ate like no others (understatement), I didn't put on a single pound because we walked everywhere. Beautiful city! So glad I got to discover it with you. <3