Thursday, August 4, 2011

Donna Madonna

On Tuesday night my friend Whitney and I drove down to LA to see a new show called Donna Madonna. It's about a guy who was adopted at birth who later goes on to find his birth mother. He has known he was gay since he was a young boy but when he came out to his parents they ignored it and never wanted to talk about it. When he eventually found his birth mother he told her right away that he was gay and she 100% accepted it. The story is about his two very different relationships with his two mothers and how each one of those relationships means something so different to him.

I didnt write a very good description of the show but the show really was wonderful. I smiled throughout the whole show, laughed soo many times and also got teary eyed on and off. The little boy I nanny for is adopted so adoption is very close to my heart, and Whitney is adopted herself so it was interesting to see her take on it as well.

Great show and I recommend it to anyone in the LA area! Ticket information and show information is in the link above!

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