Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Plastic Bag Holder

9 years of Girl Scouts made me a sucker for crafts. I see a craft on a blog that I think is cute and I literally go to Joann's or Michaels that day any buy the supplies that I will need. I'm not particularly good at everything I do but at least I try! I have made hundreds of crafts in my time (might make me a little nerdy!) and with our up coming DIY wedding I know I have hundreds more in my future!

I saw this post a while back and had to give it a try. I am always needing plastic bags in my car (trash, returns) and we use a bunch for the icky kitty litter box so this is the perfect way to keep them all compact and ready to go! If you want to make your own plastic bag holder you can attempt to follow my instructions, or you follow the above link's instructions. It was pretty easy (although I couldnt figure out how to attach all the bags for the life of me so Bret just ended up doing it, haha)!
1) Start with an empty antibacterial wipe container

2) get 12-15 flat brand new plastic bags

3) fold them in half and let all the air out of them. Bret and I found it easier to separate them all by themselves and fold each one in half instead of doing them in a stack like pictured

4) here is the part where you'll need the 1st bloggers instructions because I really have no clue how to explain how to do this..esp since my brain wouldnt let me understand it what-so-ever! Basically you over lap the handles......i dont know!

5) start at the end of your trail and roll the bags all the way up with the handles kinda/sorta sticking out the top....and no, those arent my hairy legs and man hands, they're brets ;)

(It will look like this when you're done rolling)

7) shove them in your empty container and............


Super cute and super handy! I used regular clear modge podge and scrapbook paper to decorate my container. It came out a little bumpy (probably too much m.p.) but for something that's going to be thrown in the backseat of my car it's no big deal!


  1. Genius idea! We are always re-using our plastic bags too. I think mine are shoved under the sink in a shopping bag? I need to make one of these! xoxo

  2. great idea!!

  3. such a cute idea!! i will totally be trying this!

  4. Haha ours were always piled high under the sink too!