Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Venue: Open House

(damn iphone for making this blurry)

Before Bret and I were even engaged we knew we wanted to get married on 8/10/12 (I am obsessed with dates) and we knew we wanted to get married at a local venue called Walnut Grove. I had seen a random couples wedding on a wedding blog months and months before and fell completely in love with the venue. We had gone and drove by it a few times and were both absolutely in love with it right away. It's completely outdoors, has gorgeous walnut trees and is really just perfect. 5 days after we got engaged (on 2/22, my 26th bday!) we went to the venue booked the date we wanted! August 2012 was already booking up but somehow we landed our date of 8/10/12......18 months in advance, haha.

Back in May we went to an open house of the venue with my mom, good friend Wendy and her son (who i nanny for), Ryan. It was set up to look exactly like a wedding was going on, so the ceremony site , the tables and the bar were all set up and the food was all prepared and ready to get in our bellies!

Here are a few pics!

(they serve the water and lemonade in mason jars, i love that!)

(a pretty table for eating your appetizers at in the middle of the grove)

(the bar. I'm bummed I didnt get a picture of the food line but it is set up on wine barrels like it is here)

(the amazing food. it was the only time we could try the food that we would be serving at our wedding for free, so we went big! had to try everything so we could see what we wanted to serve. everything was seriously amazing, esp the jalepeno jack mac and cheese!)

They also had a bunch of vendors around trying to get you to pick their services. They had DJ's, photographers, photobooths, florists etc...too bad I already had this all booked 2 months after we were engaged...OCD much?!

(my 2 boys that I love with all my heart. i call them my big boy and my little boy! and dont mind bret's poor black eye and huge lump. it was a wicked rugby boo boo!)

While we were walking around Ryan, aka mr. shy guy, wants no attention on him, asked me if he and I could pretend we were getting married. he stood at the front (and on the side, as to not block anybodys pics!) and I walked down the aisle to where he was standing. He was so serious and asked if Bret could take some pictures of us and at the end he gave me a big fat kiss on the lips. I thought it was beyond adorable!

Only 365 days to go!!!


  1. how exciting! you have to post pics of the venue i want to see it!!

  2. Check the post below, there are a few more pics!

  3. I love the mason jars idea! you know, you should check out my good friends blog because it looks like you're into the southern-style wedding!
    she has some great ideas and they are similar to this wedding! :) good luck with everything!!!

  4. that venue looks really amazing! congratulations, and good luck with all of the planning!! :-)

  5. thank you everybody!

    and the cardigan would be forever 21!