Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dolly in Holly(wood)

About 3 weeks ago my mom called me and asked if I wanted to go see Dolly Parton with her at the Hollywood Bowl. I said no because a) I've never liked Dolly b) I know one song of her's: Jolene, and only because Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies covered the song and Bret has it burned onto a CD in his car. On the same cd that he listens to over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. My mom finally talked me into going with her and after our phone conversation I went straight to Target and conveniently used my moms credit card that I have in my wallet to buy several of her CD's. Confession: I actually ended up liking Dolly! She's fun, upbeat and some of the songs are pretty good!

So last Friday after work, my mom and I were off to the Hollywood Bowl! I had never been before so I was actually pretty excited to bring our own picnic/wine! We parked our car in Chatsworth and took a 30 minute bus ride. Definitly the best way to get to the Hollywood Bowl. You ditch the traffic on the 101, you ditch the crazy parking lot zoo and you miss all the crazy lines. Only $3.50 a person too, vs probably $20 to park at the Bowl.

(me and my mamacita on the bus)

We sat across from a....colorful character on the bus (who clearly had been a very naughty girl) and made me chuckle...and feel uncomfortable several times throughout the 30 minute trip.

(yes, i am one of those people who take pictures of strangers that I find amusing. my apologies in advance)

We got into the Bowl rather quickly, found our seats , walked around a little bit and took the following picture..aka my mom tried about 15 times to get a decent picture and finally succeeded..kinda.

We got back to our seats and dug into the picnic we brought. Caprese salad made by me, watermelon/feta/onion salad made by mom and some bread with vinagar and olive oil. All that with some delish Heliotrope pinot grigio, in honor of Romona.

(I actually did see my mom do a sober rendition of her own Turtle Time later on in the night but she would kill me if I posted those pics. Wouldn't you, mother?)

As soon as the sun went down, Dolly in all her glory came out and was honestly amazing! She sounded great, looked amazing (minus the mullet wig) and was really funny. She made fun of herself the whole night and didn't stop talking about her big boobs or her big hair. She played for about 2 1/2 hours and played so many instruments that I lost count.

(this picture is for Emily. Dolly strumming her harpsichord with her long red nails)
(if I could bedazzle the piano at my mom's house I swear I'd take up piano lessons again!)

The Hollywood Bowl was super nice and fun (and we even spotted Vince Vaughn! Bummed we didn't see Kristin Chenoweth who was also there) and a few days after Dolly we decided to book tickets to go see Hairspray in August, cant wait!

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  1. so fun!

    thanks for stopping by the blog. i got that romper in march so hopefully you can still find it (or maybe a good alternative.)